Yeah, it’s not all GAA, but hey hopefully ye’ll like it and it will keep ye entertained.  Any suggestions for additions (or even deletions!) can be left on the comment section.


No such things as schoolboy errors from these lads.  Also, who could ever tire from watching the 1997 Ulster Final,  with Jayo’s hat at the end an added bonus!

Dodgy looking soccer fans singing in a pub, but not what you think!  Tired of boring platitudes from team manager, not when Cloughie was about….

With the Winter Olympics on TV, what about a return to the original Cool Runnings. Also, let’s hope the TV presenters, last longer than this guy.

Finally, an obscure sport, a strange goal, but watch a few times and truly appreciate it.


Some more footage from the great Ulster GAA You Tube, county points and college goals.

Away from GAA, we’ve got the “Heel of God” along with a freaky wheel and a freakier bat……


As the McKenna Cup is completed for another year, here’s Armagh making the game look very easy while Kyle Coney  gives just a hint of why Tyrone are delighted to have him back.

Here, two Ulster winning captains from the 90′s  reminisce and then another chance to catch the late, great Mick Higgins.

Away from GAA, here’s two shots from Andy Murray  and some young showboating basketballer  that you just can’t help appreciate.

 25TH JANUARY  2010

Ok, it may not be a great time to be a Cavan fan, but here’s a rare highlight from the past 12 months. Also, something to make you yearn for those Summer days in Clones. With the new mark introduced this year, it’s an obvious advantage if you’ve experience in this area.

By the way, if you ain’t copped yet, most of the weekly GAA clips are either from Jermoe Quinn’s/Ulster GAA’s super microsite “Land of The Giants” from last year or their own You Tube Channel from this year.  Well worth checking out, despite the lack of Cavan highlights to choose from!

Away from GAA, something for you, especially if you like long throws and dreadful refereeing!

 19TH JANUARY 2010

Kerry GAA’s reaction of a lack of pace up front is bound to worry a few full backs! How about a few scores from the Championship 2009 to whet the appetite?

For any racing fans, at least you cant say the jockeys ain’t trying!  Looking for something new, try extreme juggling….

Finally, what was the internet invented for, if it wasn’t to show embarrassing clips over and over….


It’s a new year, so what better time to look back at past GAA greats or perhaps some future ones? Speaking of New Year, here’s one way to bring in 2010….

Away from GAA, you can just picture the fans shouting just bloody shoot! Huh, what do we know?  If you liked that, you’ll love this.

As the arctic conditions continue, remember it’s no reason not to to be out playing, although I ain’t sure about the white ball. Also, watch where you stand!


To the GAA first, Would Cuchullain himself have done this?  Or how about this for the underdogs to dramatically win a provincial championship?

Ok whatever you into, sometimes you have to just appreciate top class skill, whatever the sport; tennis, rugby,  snooker, heck even ten pin bowling!

Given the time of year, I guess the man himself needs a bit of training before he sets off next week.  On a related note, sometimes determination is not such a good idea. Finally, for anyone who ever got domino rally or a snooker table from Santa, why didn’t we ever think of this??


Piledrivers to the net may grab the glory, but is there anything classier in GAA than a curling sideline kick? Here, here, and kinda here.  If you thought they hard to master, try doing in out in Turkey

Fairly certain this wasn’t filmed up in Rossnowlagh or Strandhill but it’s pretty special nonetheless.

Just a little game for ye to try out the back of the house


You can’t beat a slightly biased commentator going a bit OTT.  You wouldn’t catch a GAA man doing that, or would you? 

So what you going to do with no GAA to play. With the rain lashing down, a nice friendly game of beach football sounds pretty good to me.  

To those of you who missed the odd sitter during the year, don’t worry, there’s always someone worse . With Xmas round the corner, if you like wasting money, and know someone how doesn’t mind looking stupid, I’ve the perfect pressie!

Finally, to all our younger readers who feel your coach pushed ye too hard during the year,  just be thankful!!