Juvenile football is alive and well in the Kingscourt Club at the present time. Like most other clubs the Kingscourt Stars club had its lean years at Juvenile level In the mid sixties it staged a mini revival with the coming to the parish of Fr Daly as C.C.

He made a big effort in getting juvenile football going again in the parish. He organised matches between Muff, Corlea and Kingscourt and began to get the Parish united into one football team. He was followed by a man from Cork named Andrew Dennihy who became principal of Muff school. He had a tremendous interest in football, and both Andrew and Fr Daly began to get football moving again in the Parish.

In the early seventies Peter Connolly took charge of Juvenile football. Peter had tremendous success winning numerous U12, and U14 Championships. Indeed it would be fair to say that the success which Kingscourt Stars enjoyed in the eighties and early nineties all began with Peter Connolly.

We had a few quiet years in the early eighties when juvenile football began to fall away again. In the mid eighties Pat Farrelly took charge and a new Juvenile Committee was formed. A few years later it was decided to begin coaching at Under 10 Level. Patsy Sherlock was in charge for the first few years.

This proved a tremendous success and it would be nothing unusual to see between 40 and 50 young boys and girls in the park on Sunday morning, all enjoying themselves and learning the skills of Gaelic Football. We won several U-12 and U-14 Championships in the nineties, the highlight of course, winning the U-14 All Ireland Feile Competition in Kerry in 1994.

Ex-Club Chairman, Jim McGovern, then took over matters in the late nineties and along with his committee worked tirelessly in developing the various teams. Following Jim, came current Club Chairman, Pat Faulkner,

Pat continued the great tradition in fostering great juvenile teams and did a tremendous job and gave huge time in coaching and training the various teams, ably assisted by numerous selectors.

When Pat followed Jim’s path to become Senior Club Chairman in December 2008, he was ably replaced by James Brown who is continuing in this vital role, assisted by many, many people who give up countless hours each week.

It is the hard work of these selfless people that help keep Kingscourt Stars juvenile football at the very top in Cavan. Long may it continue.